Tea Sachets - Green Tea

$ 18.00

Tea Sachets are a silky sachet with a generous portion of whole leaf tea or herbal blend.  Sachets are super easy to use and ready to steep up for that perfect cup of tea.

A Bakers' Dozen available in a resealable pouch for freshness. 

Tea Flavors

  1. Cherry Rose-Japanese Sencha, Rose Petal with Natural Cherry Flavor
  2. Genmaicha - Japanese Green Tea with Toasted Rice
  3. Green Flash - Green Tea, Papaya and Strawberries 
  4. Jasmine Green Curls - Sencha Green Tea and Jasmine Blossoms
  5. Lucky Dragon Hyson - Chinese Green Tea
  6. Moroccan Mint - Chinese Green Tea with peppermint
  7. Sencha-Japanese Sencha (Kagoshima Prefecture)