Jams, Preserves and Marmalades

$ 12.00

Jams, Preserves and Marmalades from Mrs. Bridges of Scotland!

1. Apricot Peach Preserve (12 oz Jar)-Premium Apricots and Peaches 

2. Bowmore Single Malt Whisky Marmalade-A classic Orange Marmalade blended with a touch of Bowmore 12yr old single Malt Whisky. 8.3oz Jar

3.Celebration Marmalade with Champagne (12 oz Jar)-Orange Marmalade with a zest of lemon and sparkling champagne

4.Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve (12 oz Jar)-Made with the highest quality of Currants

5.Strawberry Preserve with Champagne (12 oz Jar)-Premium Strawberries with a touch of Champagne